I’ve got too much on my plate, right now! What shall I do?

stressing outIf you can relate to the above, I have one easy tip for you to get focused again and avoid stressing out in this crazy phase before Christmas.

I see lots of people around me being totally stressed out. Including myself, at least on some days of the week. When that happens and I am consciously aware of what state I am in, I follow one simple advice someone gave to me one day.

That advice is all about just one single action, which you can take today. And it will only take you 10 – 30 minutes. Are you ready? [Read more…]

Still Procrastinating? Why this trick works!

How to stop Procrastinating Today is Tuesday, 16th of July, and summer has truly arrived even in Northern Germany. And along with it the kids have started their summer vacation. No morning rush, no school bells ringing.

It feels like vacation, although it is not. I have to work. So do many others. Strangely enough I feel as if I am the only one on the planet who has to work. I know this is a crazy thought and not true, but it still somewhat feels like it.

Do you know this feeling? [Read more…]

How to Avoid Feeling Overwhelmed (and Start Being Super Productive!) – Part 2

Start Being Super Productive 2Okay, if you are interested in following a simple method to stop feeling overwhelmed every day, then keep on reading away.

In case you have missed the previous post, please read the previous post first before continuing here. Otherwise it might not make too much sense.

Small recap to get you going:
Step 1: Happy Mood &
Step 2: Daily goals.

Here are the next steps you need to take: [Read more…]

How to Avoid Feeling Overwhelmed (and Start Being Super Productive!) – Part 1

Start Being Super ProductiveMany people find it difficult to get things done and to focus, no matter what field there are in or what role they have.

Why is that?

Well, at first there are so many things going on and we do not want to miss anything. It must be a psychological thing, too.

We always want to be updated and then at some point, when we have too much on our plates, there is an overload.

Then, we feel blocked and overwhelmed, and sometimes we get angry.

How about I show you a relatively simple method on how not to be overwhelmed and actually get things done and be more productive than your colleagues? [Read more…]

A little hack to actually turn your idea into reality

“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, and others make it happen.” ― Michael Jordan

turn your idea into reality - 1Are you someone who gets excited when you come up with a new idea? Who doesn’t, right?

Well, then you probably also know the stage that comes usually right after the first excitement?

The first hurdles appear around the corner. We get overwhelmed with information and options and often do not know which way to turn.

Then we have the feeling we can get nothing done. That is not the best feeling, I can confirm.

Keep reading if you want to be one of those people that keep moving forward. [Read more…]

What To Do When There Is Not Enough Time In The Day (a Tip From Tim Ferriss’ First Book)

What To Do When There Is Not Enough Time In The DayDo you have too many things to deal with? If you think that there is not enough time available to finish everything and you want to be less stressed, asking yourself one particular question could be the answer.

People feel overwhelmed at times, as they have so much going on. They want to do the right things in a timely matter with quality, no matter how many projects they have and how full their agenda is.

Can you relate?

I will ask one simple question that can help you to actually do less and stress less.
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Discover Jerry Seinfeld’s Path to Success

Jerry Seinfeld motivation techniqueDo you remember Jerry Seinfeld?

Did you know that he used a simple technique on a daily basis to reach his goals and to become a great comedian?

His method is called “Don’t break the chain”, and it is based on this exact logic. It can be used to track small daily goals or to reach a long-term objective.

Let’s get to the details.


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