A little hack to actually turn your idea into reality

“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, and others make it happen.” ― Michael Jordan

turn your idea into reality - 1Are you someone who gets excited when you come up with a new idea? Who doesn’t, right?

Well, then you probably also know the stage that comes usually right after the first excitement?

The first hurdles appear around the corner. We get overwhelmed with information and options and often do not know which way to turn.

Then we have the feeling we can get nothing done. That is not the best feeling, I can confirm.

Keep reading if you want to be one of those people that keep moving forward.

A small technique that counts

I want to tackle quickly this great tip for making your idea come true, whether this is directly related to one of the goals you are trying to achieve or not at all, this works with any topic, I found. It prevents you from wanting to stop!

Here it comes: visualize it!

Yes, it is that easy. Visualizing a new idea can be a very powerful tactic to get you steps closer to turn this idea into reality.

turn your idea into reality - 2On the right here you see a screenshot from my desk from this morning, with a little drawing on the back of an envelope for one of my new business ideas. For me, such a draft logo to start a new project is sufficient. (And no, I am not a good drawer – that’s why I did not dare to take a close-up!)

So, as soon as you have your idea, came up with a suitable name, go and visualize it!

In the beginning a drawing on the back of an envelope can be enough.

However, if you are one of those people who need to feel some financial investment and you want to have a professional logo from the very beginning, go and contact your designer.

If you do not have one and you don’t want to do it yourself, hire an illustrator or designer on elance or fiverr (among others), to create a small logo for your next wedding anniversary or whatever your project might be.

In case you do choose this last option, make sure you hire a freelancer who understands your native language well enough.

If you want to have a professional logo by a designer or you do create one on your own, ask your friends, guests or potential customers whether they can relate to it while you are developing it that provides you with direct feedback.

This goes a long way! It makes your idea very real and worthwhile to achieve. It also puts some pressure on you. It keeps you going!

If you are thinking about developing a new product and you are a bit like me, you would first like to do some research on the topic to see whether it is worthwhile and then have a logo developed.

That is perfectly fine too. Whichever way you prefer.

If you decide to wait with a professional design, go and draw your idea on a piece of paper or use your computer to make a nice drawing, so you have something concrete on front of your eyes! Place it somewhere where you see it regularly.

Now, to you, go and make that drawing if you have not already done so! Make it happen!

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