Still Procrastinating? Why this trick works!

How to stop Procrastinating Today is Tuesday, 16th of July, and summer has truly arrived even in Northern Germany. And along with it the kids have started their summer vacation. No morning rush, no school bells ringing.

It feels like vacation, although it is not. I have to work. So do many others. Strangely enough I feel as if I am the only one on the planet who has to work. I know this is a crazy thought and not true, but it still somewhat feels like it.

Do you know this feeling?

If you do, I would like to share with you my tactic to get out of this procrastination trap and starting hustling!

In fact it is quite a simple tactic, actually it is a combination of two – for me it goes hand in hand.

1. Think of someone in your environment who is a great achiever (and currently not on holidays)

This could be a sibling, your partner’s best friend, a colleague, anyone. Think about how hard they work to accomplish things, no matter what.  Would you like to achieve your goal as much as they do? Do they procrastinate? Likely not. So, why are you?

If you are like me, this comparative mode can get you going. This week, I think of my brother who is currently racing the Tour de France of wheelchair racing in Alaska. Now, that get’s me motivated!

2. Set yourself an external appointment to get your project done

To get really moving now, fix a date with an external party to get things done. Are you waiting for feedback from another department? Call them. Do you need input from an expert to continue your project? Find her/him and set a date for a call or meeting. With this ‘end date’ in mind you will naturally start to prepare because you do not want to look foolish!

For example, I have an interview tomorrow morning with a university professor, and I certainly do not want to look foolish in front of him and ask him useful questions, so I started preparing!

On a side note, you can use this tip in combination with the first one, like I do, or separate. Sometimes it can be enough pressure to stop procrastinating by setting yourself an external appointment.

Over to you

What is your method to stop procrastinating? Have you used this method before? What are your thoughts? Look forward to hear from you in the comments!

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