Why You Will Fail

SSDP failure boysLast week I shared with you on why I thought I failed on one of my recent projects. That article caught the interest of quite a few people, so it seemed to have hit a certain spot without my realizing.

For example, as a response to that post, I got an email from a cat, or rather from the “slave” of the cat, as it was written in the email. :-) Encouraging me to move forward, but also to take it slow, one step at a time – even if you don’t know whether you next step is your next small mistake or your next small win! That was a great help to move me out of the hole even further! [Read more...]

Why I Failed

Why I FailedWhen was the last time you failed?

For me, it was this week. In fact it was two days ago, when I was really angry at myself.

Really angry. Why? Because I had failed. And I do not like to not achieve, so I got angry. A natural reaction, I guess.

My book was supposed to come out today. Today. But it is not out, it is not ready yet. Because I failed.

And then I got carried away with this anger. All these things came up in my head. The nasty words I found describing myself. Everything from “Why did I not manage to do this?” to “I am really failing.”

Not fun.

I failed miserably, at least in my own eyes. That’s what I thought. [Read more...]

Going blind in space

going blind in space - confront fearRemember the Space song going viral last year? The astronaut singing David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” while being in ISS flying around the earth?

Well, this astronaut – Chris Hadfield – has been speaking at TED this month. The talk “What I learned from going blind in space” only got released this week, and it already has over 350.000 views!

I think I know why. I mean apart from the fact that Chris Hadfield is widely known.

Chris gives an amazing talk about his experience to confront fear, and danger. In fact he gives a recipe on how each one of us can not only address a fear that we might have, but also deal with it. It sounds simple in comparison to flying to space, in my view. [Read more...]

Learning Bites #8: How to Overcome Limiting Beliefs Which Are Holding You Back

SSDP limiting belief fenceIf you heard about a short exercise that you can do on your own (or with a close person around you) to help you overcoming those barriers which are stopping you to achieve your next goal, would you be interested in learning more about it?

Today, I would like to revive the series of Learning Bites which I have started to share last year with the objective to give you concrete action steps to put in place, different to the other articles on this blog.

What are Learning Bites? In this context, Learning Bites are (very) short learning modules or exercises, which have a strong focus on action than on knowledge delivery. They are not magic pills, but if they are done correctly and repetitively, they will help you to transform your mindset. Step by step. If you would like to check out previous exercises from last year, please visit the “Getting Started” section and check out Section #4.

[Read more...]

What’s Your Problem?

SSDP what's your problemThat question played a key role last week in Samsung’s promotional video for the Paralympics starting today in Sochi 2014.

Paralympics games which will start under even weirder circumstances than the Olympic Games, in my opinion, due to the “political situations”, but let’s leave that aside for this post.

I would like to quickly share with you that video to start off these exciting Games (I am about the hit the road for a long ride). These kind of Games, which are not so often talked about. I don’t know whether you follow them, maybe you do. I am not trying to convince you that you should.

I believe that this video reminds us of what humans are capable, despite whatever types of disabilities. What energy we have, what kind of motivation we can build up.

Simply amazing! [Read more...]

3 Tools That Will Help You To Stick To Your Personal Development Goals

tools to stick to personal development goalsEver wondered how you are going to stick to your personal development goals? Maybe your development plan, whether on paper or electronically is not enough to push you forward?

There are lots of possibilities out there that can help you to keep at it. To really reach those goals! I am sharing with you today three tools which are constantly helping me to obtain my goals. No matter how small or how big that goal is.

So, in case you are looking for this red thread which will help you on a daily basis to stick to your objectives, check out the following tools:

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Are you a victim of self-sabotage?

are you a victim of self-sabotageAre you a victim of self-sabotage? Think about this for a second.

Do you think you have to “yield” all the time and resist your negative emotions?

What is your answer?

Unfortunately, the chances are highly likely that you are a victim of self-sabotage. Maybe not on a daily basis, but we human beings are growing into this world filled with negative thoughts. No wonder, in school, we learned all about two things. Passing or failing. Not being good enough to finish school with good grades.

It is no surprise to me that there is so much self-sabotage around. As much as it is not a surprise, it disturbs me. It disturbs me when I realize that I am self-sabotaging myself, but in particular when I see the people around me suffering. Probably because they have a limiting belief. But do they know about it? Are they aware? Are they too scared to address it? [Read more...]