How To Be Better at Work: 5 Personal Actions For Today

How To Be Better at WorkIf you want to be even better at the work you do, no matter that industry or service you work in, no matter whether you work in a big team or just as a solopreneur with clients and partners, the six (non-technical) key tips detailed below are a great start.

Why? You see, people want to be good at so many things, and they automatically strive for very high goals that are nearly unreachable. They tend to forget that there are also small steps that can be taken, like the ones coming up to allow them to progress in the topics they handle and to improve the relationship with the people they deal with and to be happier in the office.

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Learning Bites #3: Live The Moment

Learning Bites #3: Live The MomentThis is already the third month of the Learning Bites, time is flying by! If you would like to increase your daily minutes of living in the current moment, without stressing what is next and not remembering what you said because you were too distracted, this exercise might help you to do just that.

Simon, the mole, is hoping that you enjoyed the the previous editions! A short reminder for those who have not heard about the Learning Bites (for the rest, please be patient), the Learning Bites are short, concise and straight to the point to increase your learning effect. If you try them out, they only take 5 to 20 minutes to complete. [Read more…]

What To Do When There Is Not Enough Time In The Day (a Tip From Tim Ferriss’ First Book)

What To Do When There Is Not Enough Time In The DayDo you have too many things to deal with? If you think that there is not enough time available to finish everything and you want to be less stressed, asking yourself one particular question could be the answer.

People feel overwhelmed at times, as they have so much going on. They want to do the right things in a timely matter with quality, no matter how many projects they have and how full their agenda is.

Can you relate?

I will ask one simple question that can help you to actually do less and stress less.
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Learning Bites #2: The power of detachment – decoded

Power of detachmentWould you like to learn a short exercise that helps you to learn more about yourself?

Detaching yourself to some extent from your current thought, your current move or your behavior can help you to understand yourself better. Why do you do certain things that way and not the other way around?

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Help your colleague: How to identify job burnout and 4 ways to fix it – Part 2

What is job burnout and how to fix it 2In the previous post earlier this week, I shared with you that a close friend of mine is currently in a rehabilitation center as she is suffering from burnout. Very little news since she left, as they have strict communication guidelines (especially in the beginning), I guess it is to avoid distraction and to concentrate on the main thing, her health and well being.

If you have not read the first part on what is burnout and how to identify it, I encourage you to read it first before continuing.

Now, I would like to show you four relatively simple ways of how you could help a colleague or friend who you believe is too stressed out these last months. [Read more…]

Help your colleague: How to Identify Job Burnout and 4 Ways to Fix It – Part 1

LasWhat is job burnout and how to fix itt week, a friend of mine left for a five-week rehabilitation center in Southern Germany after being diagnosed with burnout last year. She has been off work for several months, has had various weekly appointments with doctors, psychotherapists and coaches etc who try to help her to get back on track.

Do you know someone who suffers from job burnout?

In this post as well as the next one, not only background information on Burnout will be provided, but also 10 critical signs to identify burnout and stress. And what if I showed how you can help a colleague or friend who you believe is too stressed out these last months?

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Here are 6 simple methods that are helping employees to say No at work

How to say noWhen was the last time you said “No” to someone?

If you are like me, then you often feel obliged to answer with “Yes”. Even worse, you feel guilty when you say “No” to someone, even if what you did was not for your own benefit.

So, would you like to learn 6 simple ways that are helping employees (and managers) to say “No” at work?

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