How to Avoid Feeling Overwhelmed (and Start Being Super Productive!) – Part 2

Start Being Super Productive 2Okay, if you are interested in following a simple method to stop feeling overwhelmed every day, then keep on reading away.

In case you have missed the previous post, please read the previous post first before continuing here. Otherwise it might not make too much sense.

Small recap to get you going:
Step 1: Happy Mood &
Step 2: Daily goals.

Here are the next steps you need to take:

Step 3: Avoid distractions

  • Put your smartphone out of sight (and on silence).
  • Clean up your desk, if you have non-relevant papers lying around.
  • If you have to work on the computer, only open the windows that you have to work on, not more.
  • To turn off online distractions, make use of Self Control (Mac) or Freedom (PC) to lock distracting sites while you want to get things done (I have not used these personally, but they were recommended to me, maybe you give them a try and let me know!).
  • Postpone your emails to later, be productive first (I admit, this is not so easy to do at first, but once you get past the pain point, it is worthwhile!).


Step 4: Organize your day

  • Dedicate specific time slots  to your productive time, for breaks (!), your email time, your phone call etc. Try to get a daily routine in, that should help you. For instance, schedule all your important phone calls for the early afternoon, so you can work on the most important things in the morning.
  • If your calendar is externally-steered through meetings etc., try to limit the number of meetings to those, which you really need to attend. Learn to say no! Decline those for which they have not sent you an agenda!


Step 4: Focus to Get it Done

Focus on the first thing first. When you are done, you can focus on the next one. One thing at a time.

Step 5: Regain Focus

It happens to all of us. We get distracted nonetheless, and that is fine, if it does not happen too often. Regain focus by asking yourself this simple question: “If you had a heart attack and had to work two hours per day, what would you do?” (Tim Ferris).

Step 6: Review & Relax

  • Review what you have accomplished today! Probably more than a lot of people would have accomplished in three days!
  • Acknowledge it and be proud!
  • Have a relaxing evening!


This really works, try it out!

I actually wrote this post, before I checked my mails this morning. Got it done so much quicker! It still amazes me how productive you can be, just by changing little things.

Are you ready to try? Any comments? Let me know!


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