How to Avoid Feeling Overwhelmed (and Start Being Super Productive!) – Part 1

Start Being Super ProductiveMany people find it difficult to get things done and to focus, no matter what field there are in or what role they have.

Why is that?

Well, at first there are so many things going on and we do not want to miss anything. It must be a psychological thing, too.

We always want to be updated and then at some point, when we have too much on our plates, there is an overload.

Then, we feel blocked and overwhelmed, and sometimes we get angry.

How about I show you a relatively simple method on how not to be overwhelmed and actually get things done and be more productive than your colleagues?

Here comes the recipe, which has been working well for me!

(Thank you, Dineo, for the inspiration!)

Step 1: Happy mood
  • If you happen to read the paper in the morning, postpone your update of the news to the evening, it is often very negative anyway and can have a bad influence on the day.  Being updated once per day on the Snowden Chase should be enough, don’t you think?
  • Listen to some good music instead to get you ready for some action!
  • If you have the liberty, change your environment from where you work! This will charge your inspiration! Go to the bookstore or library, or a coffee shop. Go to the location that works best for you.

Step 2: Daily goals

  • Review your personal goals and deadline for the next weeks. In which direction are you heading? Do you have to present your project to an audience in two weeks time? Then get to the preparation.
  • Write down 4-5 things that you would like to accomplish today. Actions like: finish a presentation, reserve the room, schedule a phone call for an interview etc.
  • Use the tool you prefer for this, whether it is a traditional notepad, or an app. Whatever is best for you, but just stick to one tool! If you like to use an app for this, I have been using Asana, it is works very well for this.


To follow the principle of this topic and to be sure everybody is taking this in – step by step, you will get access to the rest of this productive system on Friday!

In the meanwhile, share with us what you do to start off your day in a happy mood by leaving a comment below! Are you writing down your daily goals?


Photo credit: Rocco

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