Two Personal Lessons Learned When Setting a Goal

Setting a goal wordleHow serious do you take your goal setting? Too serious, perhaps?

How about I show you how goal setting can also be more enjoyable?

Beginning of February, I wrote a post about setting goals, to be precise about how to write a personal development plan with realistic goals.

Realistic goals are important, to keep moving, to keep our motivation up. Today, I would like to argue that there is more to developing your objectives then “just” being: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-sensitive (SMART technique: short explanation).

There are two important points that I noticed through the last years when setting a goal:

  1. Goals do not only need to be set once per year
  2. Goals should be fun, too!

Here are the details:

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Discover Jerry Seinfeld’s Path to Success

Jerry Seinfeld motivation techniqueDo you remember Jerry Seinfeld?

Did you know that he used a simple technique on a daily basis to reach his goals and to become a great comedian?

His method is called “Don’t break the chain”, and it is based on this exact logic. It can be used to track small daily goals or to reach a long-term objective.

Let’s get to the details.


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