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If you are interested in developing yourself to be in the driver’s seat: Welcome!

Keep reading, this is a perfect place for you to start, as the key information to kick-off your experience is all available on this page.

You will get the chance to discover how to create, complete and follow through your personal development goals, whether there are part of an action plan you developed during a training or whether they are currently just saved in your head.

I have seen many people abandon their initiatives to change, notably during my time as a trainer and facilitator. And I never really understood why, until I, personally, “temporarily forgot” about an important goal, just because I was simply to busy with my daily life. When I realized that, I started searching for my action plan and looked at my goal which should lead me to have the freedom to do what I want, when I want, and from where I want. Then, I took action. Today, I am an entrepreneur and as part of my new “mission”, I have started this blog beginning of 2013.  It feels great!

So, here, I share how I have learned to pursue my goals and make things happen. While I am still on a big learning curve, I now have more freedom while I do the work I love (currently more hours than when I was employed, but it does not feel that way).

Now, let’s get you started!

Step #1: Join the community

Smart Self Development Plan Facebook PageOne of the main interests of this blog is to create a bigger community of people who are willing to make a change, and do not only talk about what they do, but also act upon it. Sometimes we need a little help on the way. To get help from like-minded people can sometimes be the easiest thing, so I invite you to join us on Facebook.

If you are eager to progress, I have two things for you:

  1. A Starter Kit (Self Development Guide + Development Plan Template) to get you started right away!
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Step #2: Read the Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide For Your Personal Development PlanIf you signed up for the newsletter above, you have already received the link to download the guide as well as a personal development plan template. If you do not yet have access to the guide, click here.

Go, and read the ebook and complete some of the exercises. When you are done, come back to this page and continue reading. It is worth it, trust me!

Why should you read it?

  • It provides insights for beginners to start right away (at no cost)
  • You can start building your personal road map with the free resources provided
  • It includes small exercises to get you going on the right foot.
  • Other participants share with you what to expect from this journey and what not.

Step #3: Get Familiar with the Basics of Self Development

If you are not quite ready to sign up yet, or you simply want to explore more, I have several articles for you to understand the basics of Self Development and how to develop and follow through your personal goals.

Here they are:

  1. Three Proven Ingredients of Successful Personal Development
  2. The Biggest Barrier to Self Improvement and How to Overcome It
  3. Personal Development Plan 101
  4. What is a Personal Development Plan?
  5. Are You Also Making This Common Mistake Once You Have A  Personal Development Plan ?
  6. Three Things to Read, Watch and Use when Setting Goals
  7. Two Personal Lessons Learned When Setting a Goal
  8. How to Stick to Your Personal Development Goals – Part 1 and Part 2
  9. Solid Tips to Achieve Your Personal Goals
  10. How to Stay Focused: Four Simple Things to Implement This Week

Step #4: Get active with these small exercises

In case you are wondering, there are not only articles on this blog, a series of Learning Bites are being created to help you to develop step by step. As they are being published on a monthly basis, the list below will continue to grow.

Here they are:

Learning Bites #1: How To Overcome Fear

Learning Bites #2: The Power of Detachment

Learning Bites #3: Live the Moment

Learning Bites #4: How Are You and Your Team Developing?

Learning Bites #5: How to create a Personal Development Plan in 15 Minutes

Learning Bites #6: Why are you working so hard?

Learning Bites #7: How to get more energy for the long-run

Learning Bites #8: How to overcome Limiting Beliefs


Step #5: Check out the Best of the Blog

There is a growing number of articles available on this blog, so, in case you want to read more, why not continue by reading the most popular posts as of today?

Here is a selection:


In case you feel overloaded right now, and there is too much to choose from, just sign up for the newsletter and get the free Starter Kit. You can simply start off with just that by clicking this button: