How To Be Better at Work: 5 Personal Actions For Today

How To Be Better at WorkIf you want to be even better at the work you do, no matter that industry or service you work in, no matter whether you work in a big team or just as a solopreneur with clients and partners, the six (non-technical) key tips detailed below are a great start.

Why? You see, people want to be good at so many things, and they automatically strive for very high goals that are nearly unreachable. They tend to forget that there are also small steps that can be taken, like the ones coming up to allow them to progress in the topics they handle and to improve the relationship with the people they deal with and to be happier in the office.

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What To Do When There Is Not Enough Time In The Day (a Tip From Tim Ferriss’ First Book)

What To Do When There Is Not Enough Time In The DayDo you have too many things to deal with? If you think that there is not enough time available to finish everything and you want to be less stressed, asking yourself one particular question could be the answer.

People feel overwhelmed at times, as they have so much going on. They want to do the right things in a timely matter with quality, no matter how many projects they have and how full their agenda is.

Can you relate?

I will ask one simple question that can help you to actually do less and stress less.
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Who else wants to be happier at work ?

Who else wants to be happier at work ?Ever wonder how you can be happier in your business life?

With Christmas now two month away and Easter break not yet here, many employees, whether team leaders or not, have difficulties to keep the momentum. They are often under pressure, have to deliver high performance results, and with bad luck, even if they have been doing well, there is still someone who is complaining.

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Three Proven Ingredients Of Successful Personal Development

self developmentThere are so many different blogs on Personal Development and Self Improvement out there, it is incredible! So, you might think, is this one just going to be another one that can be added onto this list? To answer this particular question, I would like to share a few points to provide a clearer picture to you on what this blog is all about. [Read more…]


Welcome Smart Self Development Plan PostIt is great to have you here! Personal Development has become one of my greatest passions these last years, as I went through quite a few learning curves I believe, in my private life, as well as in my professional career. But honestly, who has not?

I also like practicality and structure (which sometimes can be a burden as well), so, in simple terms those three ingredients make up the backbone of this Smart Self Development Plan Blog. I have set it up as a means for sharing with you and for receiving your comments and feedback on the tips, techniques and material on this somewhat soft, but still very interesting and challenging topic.

The Power of Choice

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