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How to Be More Confident

how to be more confidentDo you know what it feels like when it seems like nobody wants to talk to you? Would you stand up and walk over to someone and introduce yourself?

If someone accuses you of doing something wrong, would you stand up for yourself?

If you are looking how to be more confident, this post might be for you.

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Learning Bites #6: Why Are You Working So Hard?

Start with whyIf you are among those people who tend to work their bottoms off, do you know what drives you every single day to work so hard?

In case you don’t, you might be interested in this short exercise, which is part of the Learning Bites Series.

For those of you who have never done one of these exercises, they are simply there to encourage YOU to take small action steps – now, not later in a few months time. Otherwise it will be forgotten. [Read more…]

Personal Development Plan 101 – This sums it up!

personal development plan 101If you want to know without reading page after page what a personal development plan is, this post is for you.

A personal development plan is not as complex as a lot of people think. The name is long, but that does not mean, that the plan needs to be long and windy.

In fact, if you have ‘just’ one goal that you would like to pursue, it already comes in handy.

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How To Be Inspired: A Live Story From Alaska!

how to be inspired_2 photoThis post might seem a bit off the track, but then again not really.

It is about being inspired to take up a new challenge. Taking up a challenge to experience new things and to  learn. Along with it, I am going to give you a strong inspirational challenge as an example. I have the feeling, you might like it.

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Still Procrastinating? Why this trick works!

How to stop Procrastinating Today is Tuesday, 16th of July, and summer has truly arrived even in Northern Germany. And along with it the kids have started their summer vacation. No morning rush, no school bells ringing.

It feels like vacation, although it is not. I have to work. So do many others. Strangely enough I feel as if I am the only one on the planet who has to work. I know this is a crazy thought and not true, but it still somewhat feels like it.

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Want to know what it takes to be a great communicator?

want to be a great communicatorOn my journey launching my own business since beginning of the year, I have to admit there are quite a few learning curves I have been going through.

Some of those learning teach me on a pure professional level and others, which also touch me on a personal basis. I am going to share with you today something which I should probably have written on my personal development plan earlier, but I have added it now.

What is it?

I am talking about being a great communicator.

Being a great communicator will help you (among many other things):

  • To improve your relationships,
  • To be understood,
  • To be more confident &
  • To have your voice heard. [Read more…]

How to Avoid Feeling Overwhelmed (and Start Being Super Productive!) – Part 2

Start Being Super Productive 2Okay, if you are interested in following a simple method to stop feeling overwhelmed every day, then keep on reading away.

In case you have missed the previous post, please read the previous post first before continuing here. Otherwise it might not make too much sense.

Small recap to get you going:
Step 1: Happy Mood &
Step 2: Daily goals.

Here are the next steps you need to take: [Read more…]