How to Be More Confident

how to be more confidentDo you know what it feels like when it seems like nobody wants to talk to you? Would you stand up and walk over to someone and introduce yourself?

If someone accuses you of doing something wrong, would you stand up for yourself?

If you are looking how to be more confident, this post might be for you.


My Lack of Confidence When Ordering Ham (True Story!)

You might laugh, but when I was a teenager, I was afraid to call someone I did not know to ask for help or advice.

I could not even go to the counter and order fresh meat in the grocery store. Crazy, I know…

So, how did I develop this confidence?

For me there are three things really, for once, I paid attention to the fact that the people on the other end are humans too, and they only wanted to help (most of the times).

Secondly, I started to practice talking to those people in situations where I knew I could not loose my face (so, as a customer in a grocery store, for instance). Don’t ask me why I did not think like that before…

Thirdly, I put myself in situations where I had to nothing but try. That happened in particular, when I went on my exchange year to Tasmania at the age of 15.

When you are on your own for one year (which was not that common then), you grow, you develop, and you have plenty of opportunity to develop confidence in particular. Otherwise you could not enjoy your time and might as well have stayed at home.

Today, I am nowhere near being totally confident, but I am far more confident than I have been! I am progressing slowly on the way.

How can you become more confident?

How to Be More Confident

Quiet a while ago, I shared a post on how to be more self-confident, if you have not read it, it is worthwhile to check it out here. It used to be the most read article back then!

For a word-for-word script, I would like to share with you a five-minute video by a guy called Derek Halpern. He runs a blog called Social Triggers, which rocks! You are either going to like him or not – you will see.

Nonetheless, I like his work, because he makes it so practical to implement!

Check out his video below!

Now, go and try his technique and come back later and leave a comment below!


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  1. Hey, Jantje! Great article! For me, I have always been confident. Not sure how that happened but I never had let people unnerve me too much. I also did am exchange program back during my junior yr in college, and getting on a plane by myself for the first time and then meeting new people proved to me even more that I have the ability to thrive and survive no matter what. That really even boosted my confidence even more. It’s all about taking chances and not letting fear hold you back! 🙂

    Get Your Life Straight
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    • Jantje Bartels says:

      Thanks, Serena! We hereby “officially approve” exchange programs as one of THE confidence boosters out there!

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