Personal Development Plan 101 – This sums it up!

personal development plan 101If you want to know without reading page after page what a personal development plan is, this post is for you.

A personal development plan is not as complex as a lot of people think. The name is long, but that does not mean, that the plan needs to be long and windy.

In fact, if you have ‘just’ one goal that you would like to pursue, it already comes in handy.

Are you ready?

As quite a few people wanted to have a detailed insight into what a personal development plan is, I have created a short presentation below to provide an overview.

It will save you time going through and reading lengthy posts (even on this blog)!

You’ll learn:

  1. What is really is,
  2. Who needs one,
  3. Why you should create one,
  4. About the right time to create it &
  5. most importantly: how to create one.

If you are still interested (even if you are not), please feel free to check it out:

What do you think? Is it helpful? Leave a comment below.

For further instructions on how to create one, have a look at last month’s learning bite.

If you have a friend who might need it, please pass this along by simply hovering over the presentation above.

P.S.: If you would like to follow my live case study on following through on one of my goals, have a look at this!


Photo credit: Ariadna

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