How To Be Inspired: A Live Story From Alaska!

how to be inspired_2 photoThis post might seem a bit off the track, but then again not really.

It is about being inspired to take up a new challenge. Taking up a challenge to experience new things and to  learn. Along with it, I am going to give you a strong inspirational challenge as an example. I have the feeling, you might like it.

Are you ready?

I have nearly always been interested in trying out new things, discovering my limits, whether it has been outdoors when I was young hiking around Europe with the scouts, or whether I am relating to the challenges I have been facing at work.

Do you have similar hobbies that give you pleasure but also challenge you in one way or another?

Do you relate to those experiences when you need some inspiration?

In case you are looking for some motivation and inspiration right now, I recommend you check out this week’s hottest event in Alaska! Those guys are kicking it!

It is the annual Tour de France of Handcycling in Alaska. My brother is participating, currently in second place within his division, yeahh!!

What is handcycling? Handcycles are those low-seated and fast bikes ridden by handicapped people. Solely powered with their arms. Have a look at the image below to get an idea. Maybe you have seen one around.


How to Be Inspired

My brother training in his handcycle


Yesterday they completed a stage of 54 miles in this beautiful scenery, mainly going uphill (arrgghhhh). The race takes place over six days  (260 miles in total!) and has been limited to 16 participants this year. My brother feels privileged to have been accepted among the few.

He is a real racer, never happy with the results, always hungry for more.  Sometimes too hungry, but that’s my opinion. 🙂

Go now, check out the Alaska Challenge and get inspired! Look at these amazing photos of Sam Wasson.

If you prefer video, the local TV station covers the race with daily updates.

Does that inspire you? If not, what does? Let me know in the comments!

If you have a friend or colleague who needs some inspiration right now, forward them this post!


Top Photo credit: Vinoth Chandar

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