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Two Personal Lessons Learned When Setting a Goal

Setting a goal wordleHow serious do you take your goal setting? Too serious, perhaps?

How about I show you how goal setting can also be more enjoyable?

Beginning of February, I wrote a post about setting goals, to be precise about how to write a personal development plan with realistic goals.

Realistic goals are important, to keep moving, to keep our motivation up. Today, I would like to argue that there is more to developing your objectives then “just” being: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-sensitive (SMART technique: short explanation).

There are two important points that I noticed through the last years when setting a goal:

  1. Goals do not only need to be set once per year
  2. Goals should be fun, too!

Here are the details:

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10 Minutes to Sharpen Your Instincts

Follow and sharpen your instinctsThe first key to know whether you will like and trust your new colleague in the office (or anyone for that matter) is to follow your instinct.

You see, people often say the first impression counts the most, and I think they are right. We often apply this rule in our private lives when we meet friends of a friend in a bar or restaurant. We trust our instincts. Either we like the person or we don’t and we know the answer to this question usually within the first 30 seconds of meeting them.

How often to you count on your first impression when you meet new people? Are you someone who likes to complete the picture of a person after several exchanges or do you immediately make up your mind?

What if I showed you one simple way of how to sharpen your instincts even further? [Read more…]

Discover Jerry Seinfeld’s Path to Success

Jerry Seinfeld motivation techniqueDo you remember Jerry Seinfeld?

Did you know that he used a simple technique on a daily basis to reach his goals and to become a great comedian?

His method is called “Don’t break the chain”, and it is based on this exact logic. It can be used to track small daily goals or to reach a long-term objective.

Let’s get to the details.


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Learning Bites #2: The power of detachment – decoded

Power of detachmentWould you like to learn a short exercise that helps you to learn more about yourself?

Detaching yourself to some extent from your current thought, your current move or your behavior can help you to understand yourself better. Why do you do certain things that way and not the other way around?

So, are you ready for the second edition of the monthly Learning Bites series? It does not take more than 12 minutes to do. [Read more…]

Help your colleague: How to identify job burnout and 4 ways to fix it – Part 2

What is job burnout and how to fix it 2In the previous post earlier this week, I shared with you that a close friend of mine is currently in a rehabilitation center as she is suffering from burnout. Very little news since she left, as they have strict communication guidelines (especially in the beginning), I guess it is to avoid distraction and to concentrate on the main thing, her health and well being.

If you have not read the first part on what is burnout and how to identify it, I encourage you to read it first before continuing.

Now, I would like to show you four relatively simple ways of how you could help a colleague or friend who you believe is too stressed out these last months. [Read more…]

Help your colleague: How to Identify Job Burnout and 4 Ways to Fix It – Part 1

LasWhat is job burnout and how to fix itt week, a friend of mine left for a five-week rehabilitation center in Southern Germany after being diagnosed with burnout last year. She has been off work for several months, has had various weekly appointments with doctors, psychotherapists and coaches etc who try to help her to get back on track.

Do you know someone who suffers from job burnout?

In this post as well as the next one, not only background information on Burnout will be provided, but also 10 critical signs to identify burnout and stress. And what if I showed how you can help a colleague or friend who you believe is too stressed out these last months?

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Free guide: How to start off your personal development experience

Self Development Starter Kit Cover PNG(UPDATE April 2013: In addition to this free guide, there is also a self development plan template available for those of you who would like to take immediate action after consulting the starter kit. To download the template, please click here.)

There is a way for you to get started, or restarted with your personal development goals with this free Self Development Starter Kit.
It provides more than a handful of tips and techniques as well as resources for your personal development steps.

Why did I write it? To provide some hands-on advice! With some sort of support, I believe that we can all succeed with our goals, if we really want to and if we do not give up. One step at a time, no matter how perfect.

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