Free guide: How to start off your personal development experience

Self Development Starter Kit Cover PNG(UPDATE April 2013: In addition to this free guide, there is also a self development plan template available for those of you who would like to take immediate action after consulting the starter kit. To download the template, please click here.)

There is a way for you to get started, or restarted with your personal development goals with this free Self Development Starter Kit.
It provides more than a handful of tips and techniques as well as resources for your personal development steps.

Why did I write it? To provide some hands-on advice! With some sort of support, I believe that we can all succeed with our goals, if we really want to and if we do not give up. One step at a time, no matter how perfect.

The background story

I have been compiling this guide over the last weeks to put together all essential elements in my belief that one might need to (re-) start their personal development experience. As of today, it is available for all subscribers to the Smart Self Development Plan Blog.
This 20-page guide contains comprehensive information and it has been written for curious people. People who might have done some type of a self development training, or not at all.

People who have taken the initiative in the past to work on their personal development goals, and now would like get back into it. Either or, the guide is a great information kit to support your next development steps.

Self Development Starter Kit Einstein
What’s inside (a part from the citation above, I mean)?

Here is a short overview of what’s inside:

  • It uncovers the benefits of Personal Development.
  • It provides guidance for the first common essential step of all Personal Development initiatives.
  • It shows you what you cannot expect to happen.
  • It provides plenty of resources to start building you personal road map.
  • It is equipped with easy & short exercises.
  • It prepares you for your next development step with helpful advices from many participants.

To see whether this guide might be something for you, check out these sneak previews of what’s in side:

Self Development Starter Kit Ready

Self Development Starter Kit Resources

Self Development Starter Kit Not Part

How do you get access to this Self Development Starter Kit?

The answer is simple, just sign up below by entering your email address or simply click here.

Once you subscribed, you will get a link to download the guide and you will also receive further personal development tips and tricks on a weekly basis.

Look forward to seeing you on the other side!



  1. I won’t let this opportunity to receive information about personal development pass me by. I already enjoy reading this post. I look forward to the next.
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