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Here are 6 simple methods that are helping employees to say No at work

How to say noWhen was the last time you said “No” to someone?

If you are like me, then you often feel obliged to answer with “Yes”. Even worse, you feel guilty when you say “No” to someone, even if what you did was not for your own benefit.

So, would you like to learn 6 simple ways that are helping employees (and managers) to say “No” at work?

If yes, keep reading. [Read more…]

Who else wants to be happier at work ?

Who else wants to be happier at work ?Ever wonder how you can be happier in your business life?

With Christmas now two month away and Easter break not yet here, many employees, whether team leaders or not, have difficulties to keep the momentum. They are often under pressure, have to deliver high performance results, and with bad luck, even if they have been doing well, there is still someone who is complaining.

What if I showed you seven simple ways which lead to more happiness and excitement in the office? [Read more…]