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Learning Bites #1: How do you overcome fear?

How do you overcome fear - introIf you heard about a 20-minute exercise that could help you overcoming a particular fear, would you be interested in learning more about it?

Today, I would like to introduce to you the first of a series of Learning Bites which I plan to share with you once per month. If you are interested.

What are Learning Bites? In this context, Learning Bites are (very) short learning modules or exercises which have a strong focus on action than on knowledge delivery.

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The Answer to “What is Self Esteem?” and Michael Jordan’s Top 5 Tips to Improve It

What is self esteemThere is a way for you to have more success and fulfillment in the work you do every day with a healthy level of self esteem.

Self esteem is one of the key elements to your progress in business as well as in private life. If you have enough of it, you will be proud of the work you do, you will try new things.

You will find out below what self esteem really is and how to improve your self esteem on the days when it is not going so well.

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A Story of Different Perceptions (or how to respond to confusing questions)

Different perceptionHave you ever been asked something like “Do your parents still hate me”?

I was confronted by this question last weekend on a social media platform and I thought I share this with you here, so that we can learn from it. Although, it is a bit off topic. For those who do not find it relevant to them, feel free to skip this one and have a look at other articles which are more relevant to your needs.

A matter of perception or a matter of years?

This question or similar ones of that thought put you off. At least, I was puzzled. I really did not get it and I asked myself “why is this question addressed to me? Why now after so many years?” It could be that this message was sent to finally put an end to things. To resolve something and to come to ease with a certain situation. Or that this person had just experienced a similar situation like (s)he had back then with my relatives and that triggered this message. It could be a matter of different perception, people who are not on the same page….

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The biggest barrier to personal improvement (and how to overcome it)

Personal improvement barrier _BLThe key to successful personal improvement is to make sure you manage your environment.

You see, in many books and on many blogs on self development including this one, there is a strong focus on you and your development, as only you can decide if and how you want to change.

However, there is more to it. We often neglect to consider the context in detail. Your surroundings and your community have to be the right fit. If not, you will struggle more to succeed.

What if I share with you how to overcome this big external barrier to personal improvement, so that it does not stand between you and your goals?

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Say “Hello” to Simon

Who is Simon, you ask? Have you noticed this new creature on this blog? That’s him!

Smart Self Development Plan Simon Intro

Let me introduce him to you. Simon is a middle aged mole, and as you can see, he loves driving his convertible (despite his somewhat poor eye sight, but not to worry). He likes to dig deep into things while moving forward and he loves rewards, even if he has to reward himself sometimes. Simon wants to be authentic, but not perfect. He is not a big fan of giving up easily. [Read more…]

What is a Personal Development Plan?

What is a personal development planIf you want to create a personal development plan that helps you to actually achieve your goals, solid preparation is the answer.

Preparation already starts with your interest in reading this article, so you are already a good step ahead! However, there is a bit more to it.

So, what if I showed you how to use some great preparation techniques to create a powerful personal development plan that guides you along the way to your goals?

UPDATE: For a little personal development plan 101, check out this presentation first. [Read more…]

Three great sources to answer the question “How can I get self confidence?”

how can I get self confidenceThe key to more self confidence is to make sure you use three simple sources of information: You, Questionnaires and Educational Media.

You see, many people want to have more self confidence, notably at work to face the daily situations and discussions with the superior or colleagues. More self confidence and better self esteem very often comes along with a positive attitude, more motivation and hence more energy to deal with challenging circumstances. And who does not want to have more energy? [Read more…]