Say “Hello” to Simon

Who is Simon, you ask? Have you noticed this new creature on this blog? That’s him!

Smart Self Development Plan Simon Intro

Let me introduce him to you. Simon is a middle aged mole, and as you can see, he loves driving his convertible (despite his somewhat poor eye sight, but not to worry). He likes to dig deep into things while moving forward and he loves rewards, even if he has to reward himself sometimes. Simon wants to be authentic, but not perfect. He is not a big fan of giving up easily.

And yes, he has the honour of being the driver of the Smart Self Development Plan. You will see him around on different occasions on this blog.

Why a mole?

Well, the idea of a mole actually came up in a discussion with a friend of mine, Su Jen Buchheim, who is an illustrator in the US. I contacted her end of 2012 when I came up with the idea of this blog and was thinking about a suitable logo. In our belief, the character of a mole fits well with this topic of self development and personal growth. As you could read above, Simon does not possess all of the typical character traits of a mole, and that is good. He is unique.

On this note, a BIG THANK YOU to Su Jen for her work and support to make Simon come alive on the Smart Self Development Plan!!

Hope you enjoy seeing him around!

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