How to stick to your personal development goals – Part 2

personal development goalsIn the previous post, I asked you: “If you heard about three simple, but solid methods that could help you to stick with your personal development goals, would you be interested in learning more about it?”

Are you still interested?

If so, in this second post, I will go into detail of method two and three, which all in combination give you a great first base to make your action plan happen! If you have not seen the first post on this topic, I encourage you to read it first.

For all others, here is a very small recap: the first method described in the previous post was the Blank Page Benefit, which focuses on our mindset. Without the right mindset, it will be very unlikely to achieve any goal, no matter how many great capabilities we have.

Now, here comes the second and third method. Ready?

#2: Find a buddy (Motivation)

Okay, this sounds easy, right? Once you have focus and a positive mindset, in combination of friendly reminders by a colleague or friend, not too many things can stop you. You would have someone to talk about your doubts, your lack of energy or even your fears.

So, to help you to stick to your new goal, play a trick on yourself and tell people about it. Build up some peer pressure to boost your energy.

How to find a buddy?
Step 1: Involve someone whom you trust, your best friend, favourite colleague, whomever you prefer. Tell them about your boss’ suggestion to improve your listening skills. Ask them for feedback (maybe they have a similar view than your boss?).
Step 2:  Ask them for help. Just ask for a simple weekly motivation call – if that works for you. And call them when you are stuck. Most people are happy to help.
Step 3: (optional): Ask your buddy to come along with you on this path. Maybe there is an interest that he/she also participates at the communication training.

However, keep this citation by the US-American writer Erma Bombeck in mind: “A friend doesn’t go on a diet because you are fat.”


#3: Inform yourself on the topic (Talent & Skill)

This method make sense notably for personal development goals which are aiming at changing old patterns, like the one the boss suggested.

If I get anxious about a topic, I start to research and ask questions. This helps me to be more comfortable during my discomfort. Do you do the same? Sometimes I even get hooked to the topic, as it gets more and more interesting.

How to inform yourself best?
Step 1: Ask someone you know who is familiar with the topic. For instance, go and ask the training department in your company whether they have more information on the training. Maybe they can provide a good reference to you.
Step 2: If you are using the Lift app I recommended in method one, contact the people who are pursuing the same objectives.
Step 3: Look into tools such as:, Twitter. com – you’d be amazed about how many people have similar interests and goals.
Step 4: And last, but not least, also have a look at the usual resources: Google, Youtube and Amazon.

The Bottom line

This strategy has worked for me, and if you implement it, I suspect it will work for you.

Even though these methods involve quite a few steps, overall, they do not take up a lot of time.

Now, what is YOUR biggest bottle neck when it comes to realising you personal development goals? Let me know in the comments.

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