How to Communicate Better At Work

how to communicate better with colleaguesIt is this time of the year again, Christmas is coming closer and the stress level at work is rising. “Everything” has to get done before Christmas. Crazy, but that’s how it is.

During these times when the stress level is high, there is more potential for discussions and conflicts at work.

I remember last year, when the big boss walked into the office and told me to provide him a solution for a problem we had with an internal client within the next two days. Two days. He said. My reaction was basically nonexistent, I don’t know why really.

Well, I gave it a try. Two days later, I walked into his office to present him two scenarios of how I thought we could solve the situation. I probably did not present it well, but my solutions were not accepted. Could I have done better? Probably.

Four Principles on How to Communicate Better at Work

Today, I would like to share with you my big 4 lessons learned from such experiences to communicate better at the work place. [Read more…]

How Your Interest in Self Development Helps Your Team

How Your Interest in Self Development Helps Your Team Development

Ever wonder how you can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your team and improve the team spirit? If you are the leader, often, the answer lies within you.


Because, your colleagues follow you, and you know that. What you might not know yet, however, is how you influence your team by what you do AND what you do not do.

If you are reading this because you are interested in personal development, this is great! Not many leaders are, you know? Some of them think they know best and give orders, others simply forget to lead and so on. On the other hand, there are leaders and teams who function like a clock, look at the picture of the America’s Cup team. Amazing teams, amazing leaders. [Read more…]

How To Be Better at Work: 5 Personal Actions For Today

How To Be Better at WorkIf you want to be even better at the work you do, no matter that industry or service you work in, no matter whether you work in a big team or just as a solopreneur with clients and partners, the six (non-technical) key tips detailed below are a great start.

Why? You see, people want to be good at so many things, and they automatically strive for very high goals that are nearly unreachable. They tend to forget that there are also small steps that can be taken, like the ones coming up to allow them to progress in the topics they handle and to improve the relationship with the people they deal with and to be happier in the office.

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Here are 6 simple methods that are helping employees to say No at work

How to say noWhen was the last time you said “No” to someone?

If you are like me, then you often feel obliged to answer with “Yes”. Even worse, you feel guilty when you say “No” to someone, even if what you did was not for your own benefit.

So, would you like to learn 6 simple ways that are helping employees (and managers) to say “No” at work?

If yes, keep reading. [Read more…]

Who else wants to be happier at work ?

Who else wants to be happier at work ?Ever wonder how you can be happier in your business life?

With Christmas now two month away and Easter break not yet here, many employees, whether team leaders or not, have difficulties to keep the momentum. They are often under pressure, have to deliver high performance results, and with bad luck, even if they have been doing well, there is still someone who is complaining.

What if I showed you seven simple ways which lead to more happiness and excitement in the office? [Read more…]

The Answer to “What is Self Esteem?” and Michael Jordan’s Top 5 Tips to Improve It

What is self esteemThere is a way for you to have more success and fulfillment in the work you do every day with a healthy level of self esteem.

Self esteem is one of the key elements to your progress in business as well as in private life. If you have enough of it, you will be proud of the work you do, you will try new things.

You will find out below what self esteem really is and how to improve your self esteem on the days when it is not going so well.

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A Story of Different Perceptions (or how to respond to confusing questions)

Different perceptionHave you ever been asked something like “Do your parents still hate me”?

I was confronted by this question last weekend on a social media platform and I thought I share this with you here, so that we can learn from it. Although, it is a bit off topic. For those who do not find it relevant to them, feel free to skip this one and have a look at other articles which are more relevant to your needs.

A matter of perception or a matter of years?

This question or similar ones of that thought put you off. At least, I was puzzled. I really did not get it and I asked myself “why is this question addressed to me? Why now after so many years?” It could be that this message was sent to finally put an end to things. To resolve something and to come to ease with a certain situation. Or that this person had just experienced a similar situation like (s)he had back then with my relatives and that triggered this message. It could be a matter of different perception, people who are not on the same page….

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