Wisdom from Mike Tyson?!

mike-tyson self developmentWhat do you think of when you hear the name “Mike Tyson“?

You probably don’t think of self development, do you?

He delivered one of the greatest quotes I have come across, in fact, I had just seen it again this morning. It comes from one of the interviews before a fight when he is being asked how he is going to do against his next opponent.

Here comes his quote:


„Everyone has a plan; ’till they get punched in the mouth“ -Mike Tyson

Of course, he is referring to how he throws off his opponents with one shot, usually.

But, this quote also relates to self development.

You have a plan – and it is a good one, you are confident. Maybe it is a plan on how to overcome stage fright. Or you have engaged a health coach. Or you are writing your first book. Whatever the case maybe.

But then, something goes wrong. Perhaps your big presentation gets called off, or your leg gets broken. Or some famous guy launches a book on the same topic.

That feels like being punched in the mouth. Doesn’t it?

So, what would you do?

Instead of hiding or running off in fear, the quicker you get moving again and get your head cleared up again to think of alternatives, the better your chances of success are.

I know, it always depends, but it also is about adapting. Being flexible. Being flexible and adaptive can help you react to any circumstance or situation.

Self Development (and maybe even life) is somewhat like a boxing match. Not everything goes as we expect. Sometimes we need to battle, we need to look for different opportunities to excel.

Whether it is looking for another (better) venue to speak at, or finding another topic to write the book about.

It is hard, yes. But, the key is to be ready for it, expect that punch.

And does not mean that you always have to expect bad things, no. There are lots of good things on the way to! Perhaps an unexpected call by a newspaper to promote your next book.

So, even though boxing is brutal, go out there, be ready!

Have you have been “punched”? How did you react? Share below!

Photo credit: Mustang

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