Who is stressing you out?

SSDP stressed outWhen was the last time you felt stressed out? When was the last time you said to yourself: “This has to stop, but I don’t know how?!?”

If it was less than a week ago, you need to read this post. If it wasn’t the case since Christmas dinner, you are a lucky person, but might still be interested to read the post nonetheless.

It is going to be short, eye opening and yet fun to read (I hope).

Here it comes.

This last Tuesday night, so three days ago, I was racing around the house. The apartment to be precise, but “the house” sounds much nicer in that sentence. Anyway, I was racing around the house. Why?

Because I felt really uncomfortable. Because I was totally stressed out. Because I didn’t get the results I wanted, just like the previous days. I was trying to reach out to several people on a particular topic and NOBODY seemed to be keen to help me out. My whole planning for the next week was breaking down like a bridge.

I started blaming people around me. I didn’t know what to do, I couldn’t sit still. Fortunately, I decided to do some sports to get my mind of things. That usually helps.

In case you are in risk of stressing out this weekend, I highly recommend to get out there and put your nose in the wind.

The shower (again)

Only when I was in the shower, it hit me. (All these ideas I have in the shower, crazy. Worth another blog post, one day J.) It hit me right in the face. It wasn’t the other people stressing me out. It wasn’t the fault of someone else.

There is only one individual that can control my stress level. Me.

And only me. So, I said to myself: “The only person that is pushing you this hard is yourself. No one else is. What’s the gain out of that?”

Why keep blaming other people for being stressed out, when the only person who can control this is me?

For me, it is all a matter of mindset.


Mindset changes everything.

Think about it for a minute or two. What would change in your live, if you make yourself aware of the fact that the only person in the world who can control your emotions is yourself?

It can change a lot. And it is not that I have not heard about mindset shifts for the first time, no. But it is not peanuts to be constantly aware of it and to really shift. Our lives are just so much easier when we have this awareness.

You have the power to say “No” to stress. So, why stress out and make your blood sugar rise, if you can’t change the circumstances?

What you can change are your thoughts and your emotions.

So, the next morning, I decided I change the approach, and woot, things worked out. I was no longer stressed. My mind was able to think of over solutions and not blocking ideas. My whole planning is still at risk like it was the night before, but I didn’t panic about it any longer. And I still don’t.

And hopefully it won’t for quite a while. I was remind myself of what it felt like to be in control and to be aware of my negative thoughts.

Your turn

If you have an interest in shifting your mindset, you’ll embrace this story. Maybe you even share it with someone else. Or even better, let us know below what your latest inner awareness was. I am curious.

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