4 Ways To Have A Stress Free Morning

stress free morningHow would you like to learn about four ways that help you to have a stress free morning?

You see, it is SOOO easy to get stressed out, especially in the morning when time is precious. Yet, there are (at least) four things that you can do easily – as of tomorrow – to lower that stress level!

This morning, I woke up late, at 7am. When I realized how late it was, I panicked.

While I was starting to rush around, about the 15-20 minutes later, I actually remembered that I want(ed) to reduce my daily stress level where possible (You see, some days it works, some days it doesn’t! :-)).

I sat down and reflected upon the techniques that I had learned, but that I had not always been implementing…So, I said to myself “Let’s get back into it! It did work in the past to allow me a stress-free morning, so why not now?!”

Here we are, now you know my story to share these four ways with you. They work, even if you do not implement them each day:


1. Spend Some Valuable Time With Your Family at Breakfast

Are you checking your emails first thing in the morning? You are someone who likes to read the newspaper while sitting at the table? Well, I encourage you to leave the reading for later and spend some quality time with your family at the table. Plan your next adventure with them for the upcoming weekend, for example.


2. Listen To Your Favorite Music

Music can be relaxing, that is not necessarily new. For some odd reason, in most households, especially in the morning, there is either the TV or the radio on. And the morning time is usually dedicated to news updates (mainly negative stuff) instead of happy mood, entertaining type sessions.

People have their brains bombarded with negative information – while they are probably still half asleep.

So, to allow some stress free time for your body, mind and soul to get ready for the day, put on your favorite music when you are in the bathroom or why not on your way to work?


3. Say “No“ More Often!

I have to admit, I have the tendency to be more a people pleaser than a rebel, at least I used to be. Apparently, there are quite a lot of people like me out there. People who want to do their own thing and yet say “yes” to something while they think “Really, did I just say ‘yes’? I am not interested!”

If you know what that feels like, there are a few techniques that you can use. In my opinion, they work particularly well at work. My favorite is the “delay method” à la “Can I think about it first? I will get back to you on that soon.” (Click here if you would like to learn all my favorite methods.)


4. Get Up 30-45 Minutes Earlier Than Usual

Seriously, this will make all the difference! You will not only feel less stress, you will also have some time for yourself! Time to get energy for the day.

If you like to stay fit, do your exercises in the morning, you will feel all refreshed and pumped up to face the challenges of the day. If you are usually more the evening type person, use the extra time in the morning to set your goals for the day. Or use the quiet hour in the house and get focused on your personal development: finish the non-fiction book that has been lying around for ages or follow Tony Robbins on YouTube, whatever the case maybe. Do it!


Over To You

Now, which ones of these techniques are you going to try first to move towards your stress free morning?  What works best for you? Tell us about it below!


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