10 Minutes to Sharpen Your Instincts

Follow and sharpen your instinctsThe first key to know whether you will like and trust your new colleague in the office (or anyone for that matter) is to follow your instinct.

You see, people often say the first impression counts the most, and I think they are right. We often apply this rule in our private lives when we meet friends of a friend in a bar or restaurant. We trust our instincts. Either we like the person or we don’t and we know the answer to this question usually within the first 30 seconds of meeting them.

How often to you count on your first impression when you meet new people? Are you someone who likes to complete the picture of a person after several exchanges or do you immediately make up your mind?

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A Story of Different Perceptions (or how to respond to confusing questions)

Different perceptionHave you ever been asked something like “Do your parents still hate me”?

I was confronted by this question last weekend on a social media platform and I thought I share this with you here, so that we can learn from it. Although, it is a bit off topic. For those who do not find it relevant to them, feel free to skip this one and have a look at other articles which are more relevant to your needs.

A matter of perception or a matter of years?

This question or similar ones of that thought put you off. At least, I was puzzled. I really did not get it and I asked myself “why is this question addressed to me? Why now after so many years?” It could be that this message was sent to finally put an end to things. To resolve something and to come to ease with a certain situation. Or that this person had just experienced a similar situation like (s)he had back then with my relatives and that triggered this message. It could be a matter of different perception, people who are not on the same page….

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Say “Hello” to Simon

Who is Simon, you ask? Have you noticed this new creature on this blog? That’s him!

Smart Self Development Plan Simon Intro

Let me introduce him to you. Simon is a middle aged mole, and as you can see, he loves driving his convertible (despite his somewhat poor eye sight, but not to worry). He likes to dig deep into things while moving forward and he loves rewards, even if he has to reward himself sometimes. Simon wants to be authentic, but not perfect. He is not a big fan of giving up easily. [Read more…]