When Was The Last Time You Felt Truly Understood?

feel understoodThose moments when you sense that you no longer need to explain yourself?

Those moments when the other person summarizes or links to what you said with perfect words? And you just resonate?

We yearn for those moments, don’t we?

And those moments seem to have become rare in our lives. Everyone is so focused on whatever they are doing.

Everyone is so busy. Always busy. And stressed.

Why? What for?

I would argue that those people might just be on some auto-pilot.

They are used to their circumstances, to their daily routines, to their stress. Maybe they think they even need it to have that type of energy to survive the day at the office. I don’t know.

I do know though, that it can be the case that I am on auto-pilot, too sometimes. And do you know what? [Read more…]

How 10 Minutes of Relaxation Can Change Your Day

How 10 Minutes of Relaxation Can Change Your DayA few weekends ago I was in Berlin for an event of a group of young entrepreneurs. We had a great time. We talked business, but also about our daily routines and how we manage to be our best every single day – where possible. I learned a lot, I can tell you.

One of the best ideas that one of Dutch friends gave me, was to develop a morning ritual. Now, I heard lots about morning rituals. To me, it often sounded a bit spiritual, so I shied away a bit. I do have morning habits to get me going like doing sports, but that’s about it.

Doing exercises pumps me up. My heart, my lungs, my whole body gets in action while my mind is still trying to wake up. So, since I knew that Dutch friend of mine was not necessarily of a spiritual nature (nothing wrong with that, just not my route), I asked him what he does each morning. [Read more…]

Yesterday’s Story of Letting Go

letting goI guess even though I am writing this, I should be among the first ones reading this.


I have difficulties to let go of things/topics/thoughts…

But for now, I am going to share a little story with you.


Yesterday, I was out for a run reasonably early in the morning. There is a park not too far away, and I just love to get fresh wind in my face in the early morning hours. [Read more…]

How To Learn Something Hard In Just 6 Days

SSDP_how to learn something hard in just 6 daysDid you ever put a book down because you thought it had too many pages to read it all?

Did you ever want to try something new and then you stopped even before you started because you think it will take too long?

If you can relate, this article is for you.

If you cannot relate, you might want to skip this and check out this other article.

For those of you who are sitting in the boat with me, please continue reading.

Here is why. [Read more…]

How to Re-Program Your Subconscious Mind to Make This New Identity Real

How to reprogram your subconscious mind to make this new identity realDid you like last week’s how-to-guide to a new identity? How is the identity statement working for you? (Click here to read to “22 Seconds to a New Identity”.)

It has only been one week for most of you and some others might start just now, so don’t expect a rapid change. It’s unlikely to happen that quickly. But starting is the best way to get there.

Today, in this post, I would like to address the one big block on why you might not see any change soon, or maybe not at all. This is big.

What am I talking about? [Read more…]

22 Seconds to A New Identity (or How to Become The Real You)

How to Become The Real YouDo you sometimes have difficulties to go to work each day because you feel like Groundhog Day? Nothing changes? The same day happening over and over again?

How about some energy that will help you to start the new day with a blast? Energy that will help you to be happier and more positive? Energy that is available to you each and every single day of the week?

And in case you are wondering, don’t worry, I am not asking anyone to smoke funny stuff.

I will share with you a little ‘Ninja Hack’ which has been helping me for over a month now. It is helping me to “shift” to a new identity. I am somewhat blown away by the effect it has. It changes my mind, my thinking process little by little. As a result of it, I have more energy to start the day, I feel more confident and I accept myself as I am. [Read more…]

How to Be More Present (Starting From Today!)

SSDP_How to Be More PresentSome of you who know me by now are familiar with my personal mission to live more in the present moment day after day. It has been a “thing” for me for the last five years. I am challenging myself every single day to be more present.


Because living the present moment is awesome! You are less distracted. You probably feel more at ease and are less stressed about what’s coming next or what has just happened. You begin to cherish the little things, like someone giving you a great hug.

Actually, being present is logically the right thing to do. “Really”, you ask? “Why would you say that?” [Read more…]