22 Seconds to A New Identity (or How to Become The Real You)

How to Become The Real YouDo you sometimes have difficulties to go to work each day because you feel like Groundhog Day? Nothing changes? The same day happening over and over again?

How about some energy that will help you to start the new day with a blast? Energy that will help you to be happier and more positive? Energy that is available to you each and every single day of the week?

And in case you are wondering, don’t worry, I am not asking anyone to smoke funny stuff.

I will share with you a little ‘Ninja Hack’ which has been helping me for over a month now. It is helping me to “shift” to a new identity. I am somewhat blown away by the effect it has. It changes my mind, my thinking process little by little. As a result of it, I have more energy to start the day, I feel more confident and I accept myself as I am.

On top of it, it doesn’t take up a lot of my time. 22 seconds per day to be precise. Anyone can find that much time in their day. If not, they can stop reading right here.

This hack just simply makes me feel amazing!

What did I do?

I recorded a so-called identity statement on my phone. It’s 22 seconds of me speaking to myself. That’s it.

This concept of identity statements was first mentioned to me by Rob Scott, I owe him for that! He is doing some great work to help people removing mental barriers. Thank you, Rob!

So, in this short identity statement, I:

  • talk about who I think I am,
  • give a couple of examples why this actually isn’t true and then
  • address who and how I want to be (positive end).

Yes, it is that simple.

I listen to it twice, once in the morning and once in the evening before going to bed. 22 seconds twice per day. Not more. After one month, it is already changing me and my approach to life. Amazing.

This weekend, I invite you to try it out. You could have it ready for Monday morning before going to work to help you boost your day.


How You Can Empower The New You

Here are the instructions for you based on how I did it:

  1. Find a 20-30 minute time-window in your weekend’s schedule to do it.
  2. Sit down with a piece of paper and write down why you think you havn’t achieved what you want in life. Write down examples for 5 minutes. Afterwards look at them and try to find a common pattern. Often, there is a limiting belief behind it. It could be because you think “I don’t deserve to be this lucky” or because you think “I wasn’t made for this” etc.
  3. Then, reflect and try to find examples in your life where this was NOT the case. Moments where you were on top of the game.
  4. Now, write down who you want to be instead, or how you would like to feel instead. For instance: “I am a super mum”. “I am good enough to be successful” etc.
  5. Formulate these three elements into a short paragraph.
  6. Equip your phone with a recording app, if it doesn’t have one already. The free app I use is called RODE Rec LE.
  7. Record it.
  8. Listen to it and repeat the recording in case you are not happy.
  9. Put your phone in reach on Monday morning and first thing you do when you grap your phone is listening to this statement. Ideally you also listen to it in the evening before you go to bed. Do this for 5 days.

If you are more of a reader than a listener, you obviously don’t need to record it. But if you are a listener, then this might help you a lot. In fact, from when I did this exercise first in December 2013 with Rob Scott I “only” had it in a written format and it wasn’t until now since I am listening to it on audio that it has an effect on me. So, do it your way.


Your turn

Next week Friday, tell me whether you notice something. For some of you it might be too early to tell, and that’s okay. For others, they might already notice a slight difference.

Do you have a comment or thought you want to share? Please write below!

Keep rocking it, people!!


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