Why You Should Give Up The Driver’s Seat (Every Once In A While)

Why You Should Give Up The Driver’s SeatWhen was the last time that somebody told you to let go?

In case it has been a while, let me be this person for you, just this once:

“Go on, let go, let someone else make that decision for you. You cannot be in control of everything!”

Now, if some of my friends would listen to me right now, they would probably laugh. They know that I like to keep control of things.

I have seen and met too many people who just simply are too comfortable and maybe even lazy to make big decisions, to be in the driver’s seat.

This is also why I have this theme of the community of this Smart Self Development Plan Blog:

“Be the driver of your own life, not the passenger. Starting now”.

So, why am I completely contradicting myself by telling you to let go every once in a while?

Well, for once I have learned (and it is not necessarily a complete contradiction, but we save that for another day). And secondly, we are all human beings.

We simply cannot control everything. We certainly cannot know everything to always take the “right” turn at each intersection.

Do you agree?

If you want to know another big reason on why it is a good thing to sometimes sit in the passenger seat, have a look at Baba Shiv’s story.

Now, which side of the car will you get in next time?

Let’s meet below in the comment section! See you there!


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