What’s Your Problem?

SSDP what's your problemThat question played a key role last week in Samsung’s promotional video for the Paralympics starting today in Sochi 2014.

Paralympics games which will start under even weirder circumstances than the Olympic Games, in my opinion, due to the “political situations”, but let’s leave that aside for this post.

I would like to quickly share with you that video to start off these exciting Games (I am about the hit the road for a long ride). These kind of Games, which are not so often talked about. I don’t know whether you follow them, maybe you do. I am not trying to convince you that you should.

I believe that this video reminds us of what humans are capable, despite whatever types of disabilities. What energy we have, what kind of motivation we can build up.

Simply amazing!

And, by looking at that video, you see how people accept physical conditions as they are, and make the best out of it. They seem to be grateful for what they have. They are fit and healthy to participate at the Paralympics.

I wouldn’t be able what they do. Not by a long mile.

But I have said enough, I think you get the picture. Check out this really, really short video now below.


What do you say?

If this doesn’t give you a great boost to finish this Friday and start the weekend a bit differently than usual, than I don’t know 🙂

Have a good one!

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