Re-connecting with an old friend

re-connect with an old friend - 2If you have been meaning to re-connect with an old friend since the New Year (or even longer), you might be interested to read this post.

I received an unexpected gift last Saturday. When I checked the mailbox, there was a big yellow envelope nearly falling out of the box, it was too big to fit in.

What was inside?

“The Five Minute Journal”, I was stocked! This book, it is designed to help you to be happier in only 5 minutes a day. It is a beautiful crafted book. Take a look at the link provided, if you are interested.

I received this unexpected gift from the organizers of a training program I am currently following. Such an awesome gift!

Anyway, in this book which I have been using each day so far, they included a weekly challenge, which I am sharing with you here. And the weekly challenge is to re-connect with an old friend.

I love this challenge. Even though it makes me feel guilty a bit that I have lost contact with some people, it still is outweighed by the joy that I feel when I do make that call and speak to that friend. Even if it only lasts a few minutes. Hearing their voice again can be a great thing already.

Who do you wish you would have touched base with a while ago?

Maybe it is worthwhile to just to say that you are happy to have her/him as a friend?

I have reached out to one old friend these past days, and it felt really good. We catched up with things that are currently happening in our lives. Also noticing some things which have not changed at all J . Maybe I have made her day, maybe not. But I know it made mine, I am happier. Happy about the fact that I revived that friendship.

I am planning to call another old friend this weekend. And, I am inviting you to join me in this weekly challenge.

Let’s make it our weekend challenge!

You just need to pick up the phone. Call someone today, Saturday or Sunday. Re-connect! Re-build the bridge!

And afterwards, if you like, share your experience below. I’ll be happy to read about your re-connections!


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