How YouTube Can Help Your Personal Development

Personal Development How YouTube Can HelpI don’t know about you, but I am one of those who has only started a few years ago to use YouTube as a reference tool and not only for entertainment.

How about you?

Isn’t there this word called “edutainment”? Well, I think nowadays, there is plenty of such kind available on YouTube. And there is really no reason why you should not take advantage of it to advance on your personal development path!

We can read lots of books, literature, blogs etc., but nothing comes as close as personal contact as videos do. It is still different, I know, but it is a step closer.

When preparing this post this morning I literally stumbled over yesterday’s 5-minute creativeLive video with Noah Kagan (from Appsumo) titled: “What Would You Say If You Weren’t Afraid?

Have a look:

Does this video trigger something? My brain was turning, to say (or write) the least.

And that’s what I mean why Personal Development and YouTube go well together. You don’t even need to watch something hyper educational. Some videos do not have the intention to be educational and yet they are.

The other good thing is, you do not need to watch a long video! The amount of information you get within that short time frame is multiplied by I don’t know what in comparison to ‘just reading’.

Unless, you are some very very smart and fast reader, and maybe you are. (If you are, please send me an email, I need some lessons to improve!)

In case you are wondering what channels on YouTube actually provide some content for your personal development, there are actually plenty of them out there. Also, quite not soooooo good ones.

I don’t know what particular field you are interested in, but if you are up for it, I will share my list with you – maybe it is of help.

So, here are the related channels that I currently follow and watch when I have the time:

As you see, not overly focused on personal development, I am not a big friend of those pure personal development type videos. They somewhat tend to phase out the other important bits that usually happen in our lives.

What is your preferred channel to discover new things and learn? Any recommendations? Leave a comment below!


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