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find out who you areDo you wish sometimes you could go back to times when you were in High School?


Well, then you are like me. Aren’t we lucky that we have it all behind us? I am not so sure.

However, in case you have a family, or you are an auntie or an uncle, what about those kids?

Have they decided what they are going to do with their lives?

I am going to be a bit provocative here sharing with you an interview with a guy called James Altucher, who is awesome!

He is arguing that College should not be a must right after school.

I think he is right.

If I think back how my career would have developed if I would have worked a bit right after school and then started university.

Instead, I did it like many others. I moved straight on. The only exception tot he rule in my case was that I went abroad to study, but maybe I should have worked in other countries beforehand to gain some experience and to confirm my interest in the field of study?

Who knows what I would have done differently. Maybe nothing, maybe everything. I would have gained some more life experiences, though, I guess before choosing my path.

It is too late to change? I don’t think so.

Have a look at James’ points:


What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

Please feel free to share this video with someone who is about to go to college and is not sure about it, or even share it with parents!


  1. I think it is an interesting subject to talk about especially on this economic climate. College education in many countries is expensive, in the U.S. it has become outrageously so. If I had a child that had just finished high school I would definately make it take time off, find some kind of work, maybe take classes at a community college on the side and let it figure out what his/ her interest are before it commits to a college program that may turn out not be quite right and therefore costly. But even if college was largely free I would still argue this way.Like you, Jantje, I couldn’t stand the idea of continuing on directly with studying after high school, I’m glad I took some time off, and decided to go abroad in the end (and stayed):). I had felt very trapped at the thought of being stuck behind a desk in a classroom again. Life shouldn’t be such a forced line up of events, if that makes sense.

    • Jantje Bartels says:

      Su Jen, I could not agree more! Thank you for sharing! I have the feeling there are more and more young people out there who believe they have to make certain choices on their path so that their CV looks good… Let’s hope that more kids and parents take the chance to reflect before deciding and spending lots of money.

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