Cherish What You Have

SSDP Cherish what you have 2Last Tuesday was World Cancer Day. I guess not a lot of people would have given it too much of a thought, unless they were effected by it in one way or another.  And now, three days later, the news are bombarding us with new, different information, so I wanted to hold on a second and look back.

The day before, on Monday, the World Cancer Report was published. Everywhere I went I heard people talking about it. It moved me more than ever.

Early evening on Wednesday, I was sitting in a café and next to me two ladies in their fifties, I’d say, talking about the findings of this report. I couldn’t help but overhearing it, as they were somewhat screaming at each other. And I thought, “here it comes …”, but no. One of the ladies told the other one who she recently survived cancer, she got completely cured. Awesome! I was thrilled!

But I had this ambiguity in my chest. I also wanted to get up and race out of the Café. Why? Because I realized (once again) how many people I had lost in my family due to cancer. They didn’t win the battle. They died too young.

Even though it felt personal, I am not alone with this feeling. Everyone seems to be touched by cancer, in one form or another. Crazy world.

So, today, this week, in particular, all my thoughts go out to those who are struggling with cancer. My thoughts go to those relatives and friends supporting these people.

Stay strong!

And to all healthy buddies out there, keep it up! Do what you can to stay healthy and enjoy life at the fullest. Live the moment. Hug the present moment, while you are at it. Because, we live so much either in the future or in the past, we forget to cherish what we have right here.

So, go out there and hug someone (preferably someone you know :-)), right now!


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