Why New Year’s Resolutions Suck (And What You Should Do Instead)

Why New Year's Resolution SuckHappy New Year you all!

I hope that you have not only had a refreshing start into 2015, but also had a good chance over the holidays to recharge your batteries! Ready to dream big for the New Year!

New Year means new habits and new experiments, right?

Speaking of “new experiments”, I have the impression I am currently full of them. 🙂 Going offline for a whole week, writing this post on a Saturday (instead of the usual Friday) and I’ve got something big planned for next week. You are invited to come along! But more on that later.

So, why do New Year’s Resolution suck and why are they utterly flawed?

Well, I don’t know about you, but for me there are two obvious reasons for it: [Read more…]

Cherish What You Have

SSDP Cherish what you have 2Last Tuesday was World Cancer Day. I guess not a lot of people would have given it too much of a thought, unless they were effected by it in one way or another.  And now, three days later, the news are bombarding us with new, different information, so I wanted to hold on a second and look back.

The day before, on Monday, the World Cancer Report was published. Everywhere I went I heard people talking about it. It moved me more than ever.

Early evening on Wednesday, I was sitting in a café and next to me two ladies in their fifties, I’d say, talking about the findings of this report. I couldn’t help but overhearing it, as they were somewhat screaming at each other. And I thought, “here it comes …”, but no. One of the ladies told the other one who she recently survived cancer, she got completely cured. Awesome! I was thrilled! [Read more…]