Being More Relaxed in Social Situations With This One Single Trick

ssdp_being more relaxed in social situationsDo you feel uneasy and uncomfortable when you meet strangers for the first time? Maybe at a business dinner? Or when you decided to join a Meetup event in town, but then get second thoughts before opening the door joining the others?

I have been there. I know what it’s like.

There were some social events where I wish I could be like Scotty from Star Trek, just beam myself elsewhere.

It would be so easy to just disappear and leave the table (or turn around at the door step). Yet, I would miss out on the fun part and I wouldn’t have the opportunity to meet all these interesting people. And make new connections. Learn new things!

Do you want to be more relaxed in social situations? So relaxed that you won’t even want to be like Scotty?

Now, this trick that I will share with you will either crack you up and you won’t try it because it seems too silly. Or it will be your social life saver – forever.

It is up to you to try.

It is actually a trick my dad shared with me many years ago (So, all the credits go to him J). He gave me that advice when I started my first job coming right out of university.

I was as nervous as hell. Turning up at the right place at the right time, avoiding silly sentences coming out of my mouth, meeting new colleagues, my first business lunch with the team etc.

And you know what my dad told me when I shared upfront my nervousness with him? I cracked up laughing when heard what he said. He told me:

“Imagine all the people walking around naked. It will help you to feel less uncomfortable.”

Seriously, that’s what he said. And he continued something along the lines of “When you imagine them walking around naked, not only is it quite amusing. You will also realize that we are all pretty much the same. Some are thinner, some are taller, but overall, we are all alike. We are all humans. So, why be nervous in such a situation?”

That made sense. A lot of sense. And it was funny, I can tell you.

Me, walking into the main entrance of my new employer imagining the people around me being naked. Lol. It still puts a smile on my face just thinking about it!

Now, you might think I am a bit crazy, and I would not totally disagree with you on that, but I can tell you, it really worked.

I relaxed more and more as I did not focus on my nervousness, but rather imagined how some of those people looked like naked.

Even today, when I start to feel uneasy in certain social situations, this advice comes into my mind. And it still works. As you concentrate, your brain is focusing on something else instead of your uneasy and sometimes negative feelings.

So, give it a try. Like I did back then.

It won’t do you any harm. It’s funny and it’s very likely that you will be more relaxed in those social situations. Whether it is for business or on a first date 🙂

You are one of them. And we are all pretty much alike. There is no reason to be nervous. Nobody is more special than anyone else, even if they say something different.

Do you want to be more relaxed in social situations?

Give it a go and report back afterwards in the comment below! I will answer every comment!

 Photo credit: JD Hancock

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