Are you a busy person?

are you a busy personDo you consider yourself a busy person?

Let’s face it who does not consider themselves as “being busy?“ Everybody is busy nowadays. Everybody. At least that’s what I perceive.

I see people rushing to work after they dropped off the kids at school. I see a lady eating a salad in the office, because she does not “have the time to go for lunch”. That could have been me a few years back. Seriously.

We have all been there. Or, in fact, we might be in this boat right now.

We might think that we simply do not have to time to go for a long walk with the dog, because someone is waiting for you at home, or this certain paper needs to be send out. We might think that we simply have too much on our plate to do certain things which we would like to.

And yet, in reality it is all about finding the time to do it. To set our priorities a bit differently to fit it in our agenda, no matter how busy we are.

Let me repeat that.

It is a question of priority. It is a choice that we have each and every single day. The choice to feel and be busy, or not.

How come otherwise we still find the time in the evening to watch an episode of our favorite series if we are really THAT busy?

Okay, I am not trying to argue that you should skip your well-deserved evening break. No. What I am trying to say is that you have a choice not to be too busy to do certain things. You have a choice not to feel too busy all the time.

You have a choice to break that pattern and do it differently than the others. Your life is too short to be busy. Give yourself the time to enjoy it. Slow down and enjoy the moment.

If you like, you can watch those busy people for a bit. Do they behave like you normally do? Are you really that busy all the time? Or is there room to slow down every now and then?

Let us know what your observations are below in the comment section!


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