3 Long-Term Benefits of Personal Development (Accessible Right Now, If You Want)

3 Long-Term Benefits of Personal Development If you think Personal Development is only focusing on learning about yourself and increasing self-awareness, think again.

The majority of the people who actively seek to develop themselves, whether it is through reading one book per month, or learning a new type of sport each year, all of them can profit from these long-term benefits. I will get to them in a minute.

The thing is, people often “discover” those benefits, only when they start the journey. I wish someone had told me earlier about some of the positive aspects. I would have started to work on myself a little earlier! This is why I want to share them with you in this post.

Tell me, what are the benefits of developing oneself?

Endless in my personal view! However, since I do not want to speak only for myself, I decided to highlight the key closely interlinked benefits that were confirmed to me by a number of participants at the trainings and workshops I facilitated.
Here we go:

1. Energy Booster

Going through a personal development experience, especially if it is condensed in a workshop or the alike, it is intense and difficult. Despite this difficulty and people being tired, you could feel the energy and the participants voiced it in a very direct manner. They were happy to have addressed challenging topics! They not only talked about doing something, they made the decision and then actually did it. And that can result in a great energy booster! Little success stories provide motivation. Do you get a taste of it?

2. Personal Discovery Channel

If you are ready for it, you will discover many things about yourself. Do you already know in detail what things you are capable of? What are your passions? Are there roadblocks somewhere on the way? For example, often people are not only surprised of what they are capable of, but they are also surprised about the fact that other people around them might be in a similar situation like they are. Many people discover more through open conversations.

3. Relief Kicks In

Many people feel relieved when tackling topics that they felt uncomfortable with for a long time. Once they are touching upon those topics – mentally and verbally – even just a tiny little bit, they can stop thinking negatively about this particular situation or potential blocking point on their road and start to look ahead. And this is powerful; such a feeling of achievement can release a lot of energy. This kind of energy, which by far overwhelms the tiring feeling at the end of the day.
So, these are apparently the biggest benefits of a personal development experience.  As those benefits are far from being tangible, they are difficult to be measured. Which I think is good news because; we can then solely focus on the experience. For one of us the relieving factor might be more important than the discovery, which is perfectly fine.

When do those benefits kick in?

Simply using personal development tools, books, courses etc. does not do the trick. Your action does, the decision you will take. It does not have to be a major step; maybe you just spend more time during the day to listen more actively to your colleagues?

As for many other things, any self-improvement initiative works best when your immediate environment is right. For instance, if nobody supports your new idea of doing voluntary work for three month for no money, then you should look for someone who does.

A little side note, in the beginning many people believe that getting involved in personal development means to take a plane to “Psycholand” where everyone is busy taking self-help courses, but in my belief it is not the case. It depends what you make out of it. Being interested in personal growth will also not automatically change anyone’s personality type.


Your Turn

Which of the mentioned benefit is most important to you? Can you confirm my findings? Feel free to talk to me in the comments!


  1. Jante, I think we could also add that personal development also boosts our confidence and helps us feel better about ourselves.
    Joseph Lalonde recently posted…The Pen Is The Path To Becoming A Thought LeaderMy Profile

  2. When I started taking actions from an inspired expanded heart through self development I realised that I was sending out positive expansive energy which starting magnetising my desires. I’m still a work in progress with self development and I am loving the journey.

    • Jantje Bartels says:

      Dear Isabella, thank you for stopping by. We can change so much by just opening up to others, it amazes me! Have a great journey!

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