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Are you a busy person?

are you a busy personDo you consider yourself a busy person?

Let’s face it who does not consider themselves as “being busy?“ Everybody is busy nowadays. Everybody. At least that’s what I perceive.

I see people rushing to work after they dropped off the kids at school. I see a lady eating a salad in the office, because she does not “have the time to go for lunch”. That could have been me a few years back. Seriously.

We have all been there. Or, in fact, we might be in this boat right now.

We might think that we simply do not have to time to go for a long walk with the dog, because someone is waiting for you at home, or this certain paper needs to be send out. We might think that we simply have too much on our plate to do certain things which we would like to. [Read more…]

Why You Will Fail

SSDP failure boysLast week I shared with you on why I thought I failed on one of my recent projects. That article caught the interest of quite a few people, so it seemed to have hit a certain spot without my realizing.

For example, as a response to that post, I got an email from a cat, or rather from the “slave” of the cat, as it was written in the email. 🙂 Encouraging me to move forward, but also to take it slow, one step at a time – even if you don’t know whether you next step is your next small mistake or your next small win! That was a great help to move me out of the hole even further! [Read more…]

Why I Failed

Why I FailedWhen was the last time you failed?

For me, it was this week. In fact it was two days ago, when I was really angry at myself.

Really angry. Why? Because I had failed. And I do not like to not achieve, so I got angry. A natural reaction, I guess.

My book was supposed to come out today. Today. But it is not out, it is not ready yet. Because I failed.

And then I got carried away with this anger. All these things came up in my head. The nasty words I found describing myself. Everything from “Why did I not manage to do this?” to “I am really failing.”

Not fun.

I failed miserably, at least in my own eyes. That’s what I thought. [Read more…]