2 Stories That Help You To Make a Difference

Make a DifferenceToday, I got told two stories, two stories that moved me and inspired me once again to try to make a difference.

So, I decided to share them with you.

This is it, nothing more nothing less. They are powerful!

Two videos that, in my view, really make a difference. (Thank you, Carina and Petra for pointing them out!)

In case you are busy rushing around, and

A. You are always thinking of the next thing to do without enjoying the present moment and/or
B, You sometimes forget to think about what you can do to help others

Those stories are for you. In total, they are just under 8 minutes long. So, no excuse!

Let’s get to them.

1. The Star Fish Story

The first one is the Star Fish Story. I had not heard of it before, but apparently it is a classic. In case you missed it, like I did, take a look!

What do you think?


 2. What is that?

The second one is a real moving story. I won’t say anything, just go and watch it.

Now, are you going to do to make a difference? What is your story going to be?

If you do not mind, share with us in the comments below! Let us know how it went!

 Photo credit: The New Institute

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