How To Become A Hero

How to be a heroI mean, a real one? I am not joking either! This post is showing you how to become a hero.

Plus, it is easier than one might think.

By now you must be thinking that I am joking. Seriously, I am not.

I am talking about being able to save someone else’s life. Literally, by providing first aid.

When was the last time that you did a first aid course?

Do you know what to do if you happen to pass by an accident scene on your way home from work?

If you happen to live in a country like I do, where it is only necessary to complete such courses if you have a job which requires it, or you are in some type of school, it often depends upon one’s own willingness and interest to fresh up the knowledge of those courses.

I admit it, I recall doing my last course during high school, when I was earning money on the side through babysitting.

Talking about developing oneself and always wanting to move forward, I also forget the essential things every once in a while…

To Be a Hero: Read and then Do This!

So, if you happen to be in the same boat as I am, or even if you are not, spare some time to complete the following e-learning course by the German Red Cross here on this site. It takes only 10 minutes!

And you get a bonus at the end!

You will be able to go through four small modules (with four different stories) which basically help you to remember what you need to do in case of an emergency.

And they have short tests at the end.


How was it? Hopefully you will not need to use those skills very soon, but it feels good to refresh them, right?

You have not done it yet? Go on! We wait!

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If you know someone who could profit from this short refresher course (no matter what age group!), please feel free to forward it just by sending this email.

See you in the comment section!


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