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Yesterday’s Story of Letting Go

letting goI guess even though I am writing this, I should be among the first ones reading this.


I have difficulties to let go of things/topics/thoughts…

But for now, I am going to share a little story with you.


Yesterday, I was out for a run reasonably early in the morning. There is a park not too far away, and I just love to get fresh wind in my face in the early morning hours. [Read more…]

How To Learn Something Hard In Just 6 Days

SSDP_how to learn something hard in just 6 daysDid you ever put a book down because you thought it had too many pages to read it all?

Did you ever want to try something new and then you stopped even before you started because you think it will take too long?

If you can relate, this article is for you.

If you cannot relate, you might want to skip this and check out this other article.

For those of you who are sitting in the boat with me, please continue reading.

Here is why. [Read more…]