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Understanding Your Emotions

understanding your emotionsIf you want to understand your emotions, the first thing you will have to do is to be aware of them.

Awareness is for some of us a big thing. We tend to ignore things and feelings as the world is speeding up every day. We are being somewhat bombarded with attention grabbing images, signs, words etc. when we are out on the street, at work or surfing on the Internet. We develop a filtering system in order to “digest” all the information. We only take in what we are interested in or can relate to.

In my personal view, the same thing can happen with our emotions. They are being triggered by what we experience in different situations and due to the speed of the modern world has nowadays, it is hard to really take considerable note of our emotions.

It is easier to ignore them. Right?

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I’ve got too much on my plate, right now! What shall I do?

stressing outIf you can relate to the above, I have one easy tip for you to get focused again and avoid stressing out in this crazy phase before Christmas.

I see lots of people around me being totally stressed out. Including myself, at least on some days of the week. When that happens and I am consciously aware of what state I am in, I follow one simple advice someone gave to me one day.

That advice is all about just one single action, which you can take today. And it will only take you 10 – 30 minutes. Are you ready? [Read more…]

How to Communicate Better At Work

how to communicate better with colleaguesIt is this time of the year again, Christmas is coming closer and the stress level at work is rising. “Everything” has to get done before Christmas. Crazy, but that’s how it is.

During these times when the stress level is high, there is more potential for discussions and conflicts at work.

I remember last year, when the big boss walked into the office and told me to provide him a solution for a problem we had with an internal client within the next two days. Two days. He said. My reaction was basically nonexistent, I don’t know why really.

Well, I gave it a try. Two days later, I walked into his office to present him two scenarios of how I thought we could solve the situation. I probably did not present it well, but my solutions were not accepted. Could I have done better? Probably.

Four Principles on How to Communicate Better at Work

Today, I would like to share with you my big 4 lessons learned from such experiences to communicate better at the work place. [Read more…]

Two Things To Use Today To Create Your Mini-Personal Development Plan

two things personal development planCreating a Personal Development Plan is not easy. You are right.

At the same time, to be very frank, nobody said it would be. 🙂

However, there is no need for you to be challenged with this thing called Personal Development Plan. You do not need to write down a big plan with a long list of objectives. It certainly helps for some, but not for all of us.

A Mini-Plan is enough, trust me.

What is most important is that you identify what you want to achieve, no matter how big or small that goal is, and that you start scheduling little action steps to achieve that goal.

And that is why I will introduce to you today two things that we all have available and that you can easily use today, whether you have a personal development plan set up or not. Ready to move towards that goal of yours? [Read more…]

How can I stop being shy?

being shyThis is a question that lots of us ask ourselves in certain situations.

Let me start out by telling you that being shy is nothing bad! There is this weird perception out there that we need to be extroverted, outspoken and all that.

I don’t buy it.

Having said this, there are situations when I am absolutely shy, and then there are others, where I am totally outspoken. During my Networking Challenge, for instance, I host monthly meetup events here in Duesseldorf. I am hosting. So, no excuse to be shy. I need and want to be outspoken to people, relate with them and have good conversations. [Read more…]